School library is stocked with carefully selected books on various subjects for all the age groups. Aimed at enhancing knowledge level and developing love for research these books also cultivate good value system.
‘Computer Masti’, a program developed by IIT Bombay forms core of computer learning in our computer lab. Children are also well acquainted with various facets at ICT through an imaginatively structured curriculum.
Besides the apparatus that form essential part of Physics lab, students are encouraged to open and study functioning of various parts of obsolete gadgets and equipments. This helps us making children more curious of various machines.
Well equipped chemistry lab with built in safety measure makes practical classes interesting and meaningful.
Biology lab has working models of all the organs and systems of human anatomy which enables easy understanding of human anatomy.
Maths lab offers an opportunity to learn various mathematics concepts and theorems through models that makes learning fun and wholesome.
School playground spread over 2 acres has facilities for football, hockey, cricket, athletics, handball, volleyball, kho-kho and kabaddi.
Art room where art classes are conducted is equipped with all the peripherals needed to learn and paint pictures imaginatively.
A lot of attention is given to health of children and they are taught yoga, Self defense is another aspect the covers teaching of taekwondo.
School has a fleet of 10 school buses fitted with GPS which enables parents to get real time info about the bus movement. Safety of children is prime concern and all buses have lady conductors.