How To Join Meeting From Desktop/Laptop

Important: The following steps apply to users who have access to Gmail.
  1. Open Gmail.

    Tip: if you are unable to login Please Contact on 9764552089/9049980901

  2. In the sidebar, click Join a meeting.

  3. Enter a meeting code .
  4. Click Join.

    Watch the Video given below 

How To Join Meeting From Mobile 

Every Meet video meeting has a code that you can use to join the meeting. The meeting code is a series of characters, such as abc-defg-hjk. You can get the meeting code from the joining information that was sent to you or at the end of the meeting link.

  1. Open the Meet app and then tap Meeting code.
  2. Enter the meeting code .Tip: The hyphens in the meeting code are optional.
  3. Tap Join meeting.
  4. (Optional) Depending on whether you’re joining from a different organization or signed in to a G Suite account, choose an option:
    • Select Ask to Join.
    • Enter your name and tap Ask to Join.