We believe in creating an atmosphere in the school where the children would be happy to come, enjoy their childhood and love to learn. We at Vidyashlip  Public School create a learning environment which enables every child to flourish. We provide a space where the children would imbibe good values and be moulded as good human beings who are independent in thought and are self-confident.

Today, in changing times, education, too, is changing and evolving. We strive to make our children global citizens with increasingly involvement in   issues which affect our world, and not solely our immediate surroundings. We strive to prepare them to be responsible and ethical citizens.The role of the School and its teachers is important not just as a dispenser of knowledge, counsellor and facilitator, but also as a mentor who can shape perfect citizens.


Our country today needs men and women of high integrity and commitment as our leaders in various fields. We, at Vidyashilp Public School, endeavour  to produce such leaders who would take the nation forward in future. We are hopeful that without diluting our mission of all round development, we will work towards inculcating academic rigour and self-discipline in our students. It is our mission at Vidyashilp Public School to build capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity and moral leadership among students keeping in tune with our school motto Vidya Yashodayini, success through knowledge.



Thank you

Sahana Arif